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Factors for post industrial abundance
"Criticizing tenaciously and with solid arguments this type of initiatives is necessary and even essential, but it could be insufficient. Peace, coexistence and balance achieved by European society have one of their basic foundations in the economic prosperity achieved after the defeat of Nazism. But now, increasingly, energy and environmental problems press our productive systems, putting them before a horizon of chronic crisis or, alternatively, leading to fundamental changes that allow a new and generalized increase in productivity and abundance. In my opinion, continuing the construction of Europe as a space of peace, diversity, freedom and democracy would be very difficult without a new economic miracle, whose outcome would be at least equal to that of the postwar period but would be sustainable in the long term. Everything seems to indicate that renewable energy sources, automation, global data traffic and the productive reconstruction of ecosystems can be important factors to rebuild abundance and stop the proliferation of walls and barriers that are in perspective."

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29.10 | 00:39

Me ha encantado , ya hablaremos cuando tengas tiempo

06.09 | 02:08

matrix agroganadero, jajaja, toda la razóm. La natura siempre se organizó a si misma para todo lo que cayera al suelo se aprovechara.

01.08 | 12:49

Hola Carmen soy Antonia, quisiera me metas en el grupo de whatsapp con el 699769996 el frances lo he dado de baja.
Muchad Gracias.

12.10 | 09:31

Increíblemente interesante, voy a estudiarlo en detalle. Gracias.

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